Why are Tata Trucks the Best in Performance?

Tata truck’s mileage
Written by Michael Tracy

Tata Motors, founded by the legendary Jamsetji Tata in 1868, is a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer globally. Their vision is to offer innovative mobility solutions which can help the transporters and traders achieve their aspirations. Tata products are a favourite among the commercial vehicles owners due to their competitive pricing, awesome mileage, best-in-class performance, and maximum uptime. The Indian auto giant understands the significance of performance of a vehicle in steering its sales. It is the reason they incorporate highly advanced and fuel-efficient engines driven by the latest technology in the trucks. Here are the top five Tata trucks which have gained acclamation due to their outstanding performance.

Tata Ace Gold

Ace Gold is one of the most successful and affordable models among the Ace family. Staying true to its ‘Chhota Hathi’ tagline, it can deliver robust capabilities at a small size. The minitruck gets powered by a BS-IV compliant, 2-cylinder, 702cc, IDI engine, and this Tata truck’s mileage is 21.5 kmpl. It generates a maximum power of 16 bhp @ 3200 rpm, and a peak torque of 39 Nm @ 2000 rpm. The power gets transmitted to the wheels by a manual gearbox, and it displays an incredible 22 per cent off-roading gradeability.

Tata Ultra 1518

Tata Ultra 1518 is a popular 15.7-tonne truck, propelled by the top-of-the-line turbo compression injection motor with intercooler technology. It churns out an impressive 174.4 bhp @ 2400 rpm, and a peak torque of 590 Nm @ 1000-2000 rpm. A 6-speed manual gearbox performs the transmission duties, and the truck remains loaded with a 160-litre fuel tank. Ultra 1518 demonstrate a commendable off-roading gradeability of 27.2 per cent. It enables the cargo carrier to travel through rough terrains effortlessly.

Tata Prima 4028.S

 Tata truck’s mileage

Tata Prima 4028.S is a heavy-duty 40.2-tonne truck used for inter-city transport of heavy machinery and iron and steel products. Beating at the heart of Prima 4028.S is a Cummins water-cooled, direct-injection, turbocharged motor. It generates a mammoth 263.3bhp @ 2500rpm, and a peak torque of 970Nm @ 1200-1700rpm. The oil burner remains mated to a 9-speed manual transmission gearbox, and it can sprint at a top speed of 99 kmph. The cargo carrier manifests an off-roading gradeability of 23.4 per cent.

Tata LPT 2518

Tata LPT 2518 is a reliable mid-duty truck demonstrating a powerful and efficient powertrain. It gets propelled by a BS-IV compliant, 6-cylinder, Cummins engine generating a maximum power of 175bhp @ 2500rpm, and a peak torque of 700Nm @ 1200-1600rpm. The cargo carrier displays an off-roading gradeability of 26 per cent and can run at a top speed of 77 kmph. It remains loaded with a massive 350-litre fuel tank for accomplishing long voyages without any refuelling break.

Tata LPK 2518

Tata LPK 2518 is an efficient tipper serving the mining and construction industry in India. Powering this commercial vehicle is a BS-IV compliant, 6-cylinder, 5883cc Cummins engine churning out an impressive 180 bhp @ 2500 rpm, and a peak torque of 700 Nm @ 1500 rpm. A 9-speed manual gearbox performs the transmission duties, and it displays a decent 28 per cent off-roading gradeability.

The figures in the above-mentioned Tata trucks reflect the impressive powertrain of this brand. Top-rated transporters induct them in their fleet for on-time delivery of their orders.

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