What is an event space? What are the different types of it?

What is an event space? What are the different types of it?
Written by Michael Tracy

A venue for the performance of an event is called an event space. Banquet halls, high-class hotels are the commonly known places used for the conduct of weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, classmates’ reunions etc., The majority of the function-held sites are taken on rent for a certain duration, starting from a few hours to days. However, not all settings are as great as provided by event space rental Singapore. Let’s have a glance at a few types of event spaces.


  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Art Galleries
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Barns
  • Mansions

Restaurants: These are popular locations chosen for the arrangement of parties. The reason is they offer privacy and security to the customers and their guests’. You can pick a room for your celebrations or book the entire building as per your personal goals.

Bars: Who doesn’t love to drink and dance on a happy occasion? People love to spend time at the bars for creating memories, sharing joy, a few even take the opportunity to take a taste of every entertainment section to add more fun.

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Art Galleries: Artists are romantic and reserved by nature. There is not a better place than an art gallery for such individuals as it allows privacy and most importantly surrounds the curious minds with the creative display of cultural diversity.

Botanical Gardens: Some portion of the human population are nature lovers. Botanical gardens are the perfect locations to seize the lovely wedding moments and other lifetime events.

Barns: Big day celebrations in sites with great backdrops that spread a peaceful rustic vibe are a dream come true for many. Barns make the jolly environment fascinating with giant classic buildings and other rustic touches.

Mansions: If you are an opulent fan, you must choose a mansion for the organization of memorable happening. Party like a millionaire with all the loved ones in a luxury property with all amenities.


Most of the individuals jump with joy on hearing “party”, why not make the events even more enjoyable with services of unique celebration venues like the event space rental Singapore? There is no reason to say no, unless it is related to uncertain social limitations. Speaking of limits, you must consider personal, professional, social, financial needs before proceeding to transfer the advance to the event organizer. This is to ensure peaceful and free-spirited memory creations.

For example, it is appropriate to choose a bar for a birthday party for 150 guests rather than a stadium for the celebrations.

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