Understanding The Character Class: Cube World Tips For Beginners

Cube World
Written by Michael Tracy

Many players are now trying the cube game online. One of the most played is the cube world free download for its amazing concept. If you have been playing this game, there is still a lot about cube world that you need to learn. Majority of it challenges players to invest in their characters. For new players, you need to learn the basic guide to enhancing your character. This will benefit your game for a long period. The tips will help you along the way to make sure your first experience is positive and not full of frustration. Get going using these tricks to and improve your game level. 

Choosing A Character

When starting up in the realm of cube world, the first thing you need to do is to create your character. For most times, the choices of your character don’t affect how the game plays at all. This means that you are free to choose the race you want to be, the gender, or their cosmetics as you would like. It is the classes that affect the cube world gaming, and you need to note on that. Go through each character to know the benefits and how well they fit you. It is better to grasp their differences before picking one; you could look here for details.

Cube World Tips For Beginners

  • The Warrior. This character can bring you to start with a huge mace but, you will be able to take down enemies at close range only. You can have the huge advantage in battle as you deliver such powerful blows with this character. With this one, it can be quite easy to knock enemies down especially if you are aggressive. The warrior is a good choice if you get stuck in the battles.
  • Game Ranger. This is the hardest character to start off with as what they say. This character requires you to be more patient as you could only find enemies from a distance. You could shoot them from as far away as possible though you can still attack fine at close range. But, your special attack could not knock down foes. This choice might be good for the near position. Steer clear of the ranger character until you think you can handle them. 
  • Mage Character. The mage is a fantastic all-around character and is the only class that can heal itself. You will usually have a staff and get the choice of fire or water spells being a mage. This will let you hit enemies hard from a distance and even knock them down. For close up fighting, this one can be an effective choice. Your water spells can heal yourself at the same time fighting your enemies.
  • The Rogue. The Rogue is a strong class and has two daggers and can do quick attacks with them at close range. Their special attack, which often knocks enemies over can be their big advantage. This will allow you to do lots of damage with frequent stabs. You can also get instant kills if you are sneaky enough as you level up the Rogue. You can even further adopt stealth tactics over time with this character.

Understanding the character class let you know which of them is best for a battlefield. This will also inform you when you should be using them and when to level up. Your game could be more effective with the right character to play with.

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