Things to consider when buying a Wireless CCTV Camera

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Written by Michael Tracy

It is important o have a CCTV camera in order to protect your house as well as to safeguard the valuables in your place. Buying a security camera is an easy task but purchasing a reliable camera for your place which will last for a long time will be a daunting job.

With a few things in mind, you will be able to shop the best wireless CCTV camera in market.

  • The first thing to look at before buying one is you have to check whether there is an inbuilt SD card slot to store video clips in camera. These days, they come with a SD card slot which is used to store different capacities of videos ranging from 32GB to 128GB. With these recordings, you will be able to play important videos when needed.wireless cctv camera singapore
  • The maximum angle that a CCTV camera can rotate horizontally and the maximum vertical angle is pan and tilt respectively. A few cameras offer rotation feature which is operated by their owner with the help of an application. Therefore, a camera with high pan and tilt is essential in order to keep an eye on a larger area.
  • Another thing to gander at is the quality of an image, a camera is offering. The image quality plays an essential role these days and there is wireless cctv camera singapore which offers a video quality of 720p or 1080p resolution. Therefore, we can say that when the resolution is better, then we can get the better quality videos.

So, consider these things to shop the right cameras.

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