Speed Painting: A New and Glamorous Technique of Painting

Written by Michael Tracy

Imagine that an artist is moving his hands to paint in a superfast speed but all you can see on the canvas are some random colours splashed here and there. And then comes the moment when the artist is giving his finishing touches and what appears before your eyes is a marvellous portrait of your favourite celebrity.

Doesn’t it sound funny and at the same time glamorous? It is indeed glamorous. This technique of painting does exist and is known as the speed painting. Speed painting art is not just a type of painting or art but it becomes a performance in itself. Nowadays many events organise these special performances to make their program an exclusive one and speed painters become real stars on the stage as the example of Michael Raivard.

Speed painting that has a touch of modernity consists of different techniques. They are as follows:

  1. Splashing Art: The whole canvas of the artist is splashed with various colours. It becomes a total suspense for the onlookers who have no idea as to what is going on. Although initially, it may seem like splashes of random colours, it is only at the end the beautiful portrait takes shape. The paint flows down from the top of the canvas. It goes on to reveal the marvellous art that has been created by the artist. This entire process he performs over a beautiful piece of music that goes on in the background. The whole performance mesmerizes the spectators.
  2. Glittering Portrait: This is another interesting technique of the speed painting art. In this method, the artist uses transparent glue to make the portrait. It becomes a puzzle for the onlookers as they cannot see anything on the canvas for a long time though the artist is doing some or the other activity. This technique also becomes grand because of the lights and music player that goes on in the background. In the end, the artist throws a splash of glitter. It is only after that, that the portrait comes to life and the spectators get to know the person whose portrait is created.

Both techniques are simply amazing and can be made from the innumerable colours available in the palette. By inviting such artists to perform at a show, the show goes on to a different level and becomes one to be remembered by the guests forever. Since these types of performances are not very common, inviting such performers to the event makes an original show for the guests. Since this era is all about glamour and going a step ahead to make your name shine, go for events animation by having a speed painting artist in your event, whether its marriage, birthday or any other celebration, to make beautiful portraits. Your event will be remembered by the guests for years to come. It will also ensure that all the guests are glued to their places by wanting to see more of this visual treat coming their way.

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