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iRobot manufactures a wide range of robotic vacuum cleaners, each designed to meet different cleaning needs and budgets. Over the past few years, several models have proven to be their top sellers. Roomba 530, Roomba 560, and Roomba 610 are the three most sought-after robotic vacuum cleaners on the market today. They differ in price and technical specifications.

The most affordable robot vacuum cleaner Roomba 560. It has two cleaning modes and is suitable for cleaning up to four rooms with a single battery charge. Roomba 560 has an automatic self-charging function, which means that the robot will simply dock with its base unit and charge the battery after each cleaning session. It also has a planning module and comes with bumpers for tangling and light touch. Probably the only drawbacks of this model are that the kit does not include a vacuum container of increased capacity, and its short warranty is only 90 days.

Those looking for a robotic vacuum cleaner with a more extended warranty might consider buying a Roomba 530. Although it’s a bit more expensive than the Roomba 560 and doesn’t have an integrated dispatch system, the Roomba 530 is likely to provide better cleaning thanks to its 2-stage cleaning mode and advanced cleaning technology. Roomba 530 comes with a full year warranty.

Best roomba

Best roomba 610 is one of the latest iRobot robotic vacuum cleaners, the Roomba 610. This model is part of the iRobot professional product line and is ideal for dense traffic areas. It has three cleaning modes, a self-recharging battery, a planning system, and room-to-room navigation. Roomba 610 comes with an extra-large volume vacuum cleaner, extra bristle brush, extra whisk brush, two additional side brushes, two filters and two brush cleaning tools, industrial anti-tangled bumpers, and a light touch and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. This is mainly used in small or medium businesses, so if you are looking for something for home use, you can try this out Roomba 560 or 530 instead.

The latest Roomba 610 Expert series has three cleaning modes rather than two and included high capacity hopper and a full two-year warranty. All extra Roomba models have two standards cleaning modes also a standard one-year warranty. This top model costs about $ 600.

Thus, the new models have become more reliable, more powerful, and have more intelligent built-in functionality. They also have more standard parts and accessories. However, if your needs for robotic cleaning are straightforward, an older (and less expensive) model might work for you. Make a Roomba vacuum cleaner comparison for yourself.

One of the most popular vacuum robots is the iRobot Roomba line. He has been a pioneer in vicious robotics since he hit the market. This line offers several Roomba options based on cleaning requirements and cost.

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