Importance of Effective Demand Planning

Written by Michael Tracy

Manufacturing companies earn by selling their products to different buyers. For bigger corporations, the distribution is from the company to the distributor and not to the consumer directly. There are a lot of processes to consider and follow. And most of the time, changes are made to fine-tune everything. What works before and what strategies were used in the past, won’t work today because the markets are changing. And the change is constant. This means that companies and management must know what is required to keep up with everything. A simple solution and change can be the key to everything. 

Demand planning vs Supply Planning

Demand planning happens when you use the current product demand and forecast to dictate the company’s next steps for production and to help with actual planning. Supply planning is when you consider the number of products manufactured first before considering the demand. Most companies follow the latter. It’s easier to plot for supply levels than to match it with the current demand since you can’t really know the demand beforehand. The best you can do is create an estimated projection that may or may not be accurate.

This was before. But now, there are programs that can help with the current needs. These programs help calculate demand projection more accurately.

 Identify potential risks and know opportunities

Plans allow you to identify and eliminate risks to your production and distribution allows you to cut back cost and save yourself from unnecessary expenses. Through demand planning, you get to know the other opportunities and see which of the current challenges you’re facing provides the best avenue for a business opportunity. These small things can be determined once you see your supply flow properly. Instead of spending unnecessarily on the production of products, the budget can be spent on more necessary things. 

Reduce stock-outs

Inventory work can be a pain if you’re handling a lot of supplies. If there are too many products, there’s a chance that you’ll have more issues with stocks and boxes not purchased. When you’ve mapped out the needed demand, there’s no risk of overproduction on supplies. Inventories are faster and easier. And there are no risks of issues because of it as well. 

Seamless production workflow

Being able to forecast the demands of your consumers allow everyone to prepare for the work needed during production. It’s not an easy thing when you lack the necessary data for it. Production involves a lot of things and requires different processes. If work can be lessened and be more efficient with the right plans and projections, all the more reason to guarantee this is implemented properly.

Demand planning is one of the many ways you can improve your productivity and make it better catered to the needs of the company and your future plans. There’s no need to implement this manually. There are comprehensive programs or software options that will help you with these current needs. The only thing you need to consider is the quality of its performance and the current features present.

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