IBM Cloud Solution for a Competitive Edge

Written by Michael Tracy

Cloud computing has so many benefits that will help your business to scale new heights. Access to the right cloud computing plan can improve your business progress and can give you an advantage over your competitors. iSeries from IBM is one of the best cloud computing solutions for any business and you can benefit from it, irrespective of where your business is located in any part of the world.  This cloud computing solution will not cost you an arm and a leg, which is one of the many features that place it miles ahead of several other cloud computing solutions. Access to the IBM i Cloud can keep your data secure and the entire process can also be managed on-premises.

What are the other unique features that set iSeries apart from other cloud computing solutions? Continue reading to find out.

What you need to know

iSeries can equally be referred to as IBM System i. It is a relatively early generation of computer systems belonging to the midrange category. It can be trusted for a reliable cloud computing service and access to all IBM I users.  This platform first made its appearance in the IT world in 1988, June of that year to be precise.

Its name was, however, changed in 2000 after series of improvements have been put in place. As of today, it is one of the best you can ever find when searching for cloud computing solutions. It comes in different pricing plans so that different categories of businesses and individuals can access this system for proper and more secure storage of data.

Ease of compatibility

The iSeries is highly compatible with virtually any program written in legacy code. This helps to improve the ease of use a great deal and further pushes the cloud computing solution above several other related IT solutions. IBM I Cloud is object-based in its operation.  It comes with so many features that make it stand out.  The interface is menu-driven and this ensures that different categories of end-users can operate it, irrespective of how little they may know about cloud computing.

Some features to note

iSeries comes with several features that have made it outstanding. We will consider some of the outstanding features below:

  • It comes with an RDBMS
  • It also has an interface that is menu-driven and easy to operate
  • Furthermore, the system provides supports for multiple end-users at the same time
  • It has block-oriented terminal support also
  • It can easily be connected to a printer so that the data stored can also be printed on demand.

The pricing plan varies and you can choose any plan that meets with your budget. Whatever plan you choose, you will always get good value for money.

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