All About Granite Countertops

Written by Michael Tracy

If you think that in the future you may have a project to transform the kitchen, then you should think about granite countertops. Granites’ kitchen worktops are not only beautiful and durable but also add value to your home.

A bit about granite

Granites stone is strong and durable but to varying degrees. This is mainly due to the amount of calcite in granites. Calcite is a mineral that makes limestone and marble. The problem with calcite in granites is that it reacts with acids. Another problem with granites is its permeability. Some require the use of sealant before use on granites surfaces. Generally, lighter shades of granites sealant are likely to be needed. Fortunately, there are some tests that you can perform on the granites samples that you plan to use. These tests can be performed simultaneously.

Granites countertops

For the first test, after completely removing dust from the sample, place a few drops of lemon juice on the polished side of the granites, and wait 5 minutes. While you wait, put a few drops of water and a few drops of vegetable oil next to it. Let them sit for 5 minutes too. While you wait, look at these breakpoints. If you notice dark spots of water or oil within 5 minutes, you need to close the granites to protect it from spills. If there is no darkness, granites may not require printing. If stains of lemon juice disappear after 5 minutes, you will need a sealing device to protect granite.

There are 3 ways to design your kitchen worktop. The choice of one depends on how many granites countertops you can afford or want to spend.

The cost of granites countertops

The least expensive option is to install a granites tile worktop. For about $ 4 per square foot, you can take granites and epoxy floor tiles with you to the office. Although this may be a fantastic look at your counter, it does have disadvantages associated with multiple welds. Layers should generally be avoided on the work surface, as they can become leaks.

The next step in cost is the choice of granite worktops for cutting. About $ 25 per square foot, pre-cut pieces of the countertop are applied with glue. This results in fewer layers and a smoother look. The advantage of these first two options is that they can be implemented as independent projects.

The last method is to hire a redesign company to design and cut the surface of the granites slabs. This is the most expensive option at a price of about $ 60 per square foot, but it will achieve the most impressive result. Due to the significant weight of large marble tiles, the use of this option as an independent project is merely impractical.

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