A look back at 2018’s F1 highlights

Written by Michael Tracy

2018 was quite a year in F1, from Lewis Hamilton’s fifth championship to Michael Schumacher’s 50th birthday. Here are some of the highlights of the 2018 season.

Lewis Hamilton Makes it Five

The driver of his generation and surely, now, one of the all-time greats, Lewis Hamilton made the rest look like amateurs. There were so many moments to remember during his 2018 campaign but a couple stand out.

Firstly, the lap of his life to qualify on pole in the Singapore Grand Prix. On the twisty and treacherous street circuit Hamilton drove every corner like it was a straight road. Positively Senna-like he flew to the head of the grid, cementing his position as one of the coolest drivers out there – and all after flying 25,000 miles on promo duties.

In fact, his performances throughout 2018, from showing Ferrari who’s boss in Monza to his dazzling wet weather display at Hockenheim were superb as he took 11 unassailable wins. Then there was the dedication of his final win in Dubai to 19-year-old Billy Monger who lost both legs in a horrific F3 crash. It was pure class from a true gentleman.

The triple header

Races on consecutive weekends throughout the summer in France, Austria and the UK were a logistical nightmare and a real treat for fans. Hamilton has threatened to retire if it ever happens again, but watching such great action every weekend was something to savour.

Liberty and freedom

F1 has new owners and it seems they’re determined to make it a sport for all. Out goes the exclusivity of the Ecclestone era and in come the fun and flair that characterise the season-opening Melbourne GP.

Liberty wants to push the season from 21 to 25 races and take the sport to places it’s never been before, including Vietnam. Of course, the Paddock Club still exists and you can still get access through but we’d say the new owners have done a great job so far.

The year of the halo

The jury might have been out on this latest innovation, thanks to its looks, until Nico Hulkenberg collided with Fernando Alonso in Spa and sent the Spaniard’s car flying through the air. The tyre marks visible on Charles Leclerc’s halo were proof positive that safety always comes first.

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